Regulating gas use and emissions are definitely the least of your problems when your ride has a Pontiac G3 oxygen sensor. If you're not familiar with the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac G3, it's the part situated beside your catalytic converter; it's in charge of gauging the level of oxygen in order to effectively burn the gasoline and produce higher torque and horsepower.

When your Pontiac G3 oxygen sensor is exposed to elements such as intense heat and hazardous substances, odds are it's going to deteriorate soon. You can surely encounter performance problems, misfires, and high fuel usage when the oxygen sensor of your Pontiac G3 starts to worsen. In order to prevent such oxygen sensor difficulties on your Pontiac G3, it's recommended for you to constantly check its condition as part of maintenance. Once your sensor ceases to function, then you are left withnooption but to change your worn out part immediately.

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