There are several types of oxygen sensors out there, yet no matter what kind is employed in your vehicle, there's one thing for sure - it can wreak havoc in the operation of the engine assembly the moment it becomes faulty. With a well functioning Pontiac Firefly oxygen sensor, you can be sure that the engine is constantly provided with correct combination of fuel and air, thereby allowing it to accomplish an efficient combustion process.

Automotive oxygen sensors don't come with a preset lifetime, however most of them start to malfunction after 100,000 miles. The sensor installed in your Pontiac Firefly might also corrode in the long run caused by build up of grime, coolant, oil, fuel, together with other contaminants; if the defect has only started, you could avoid the headaches brought by replacement by cleaning the sensor properly. You'll find out if it is high time to replace your stock sensor due to noticeable clues like unfavorable emissions, poor fuel mileage, as well as engine issues like rough idling and pinging.

Fortunately, Parts Train offers top of the line Pontiac Firefly oxygen sensor options from respectable producers worldwide such as Denso, AC Delco, and SL also, with our Low Price Guarantee, you can obtain the item that suits your needs and your vehicle's specifications without having to spend a fortune.