The Pontiac Bonneville oxygen sensor inside your vehicle makes fuel injection possible. The exhaust control found on your Pontiac Bonneville is based mostly on the oxygen sensor. The sensor is crucial in continuing to keep the engine functioning well not to mention also helps minimize the ecological results of such gases.

On account of your Pontiac Bonneville's oxygen sensor, your ride gets to benefit from an optimal air-fuel mixture given that the built-in computer has the ability to adjust the fuel injection function according to the sensor's scan. Oxygen sensors tend to be positioned inside the exhaust pipe of the Pontiac Bonneville. Because there is no means to determine the air/fuel percentage properly, you would not have the ability toenjoy excellent fuel consumption rate and top-caliber performance from your car in case the oxygen sensor is not going to function anymore. Consider exchanging the ruined oxygen sensor of your Pontiac Bonneville if it's alreadyimpaired beyond repair so that you can reestablish correct car efficiency.

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