There are car parts which are not so popular with the ordinary consumers or car owners, and one of them is the oxygen sensor. If your mechanic tells you that your oxygen sensor should be replaced because it can no longer work properly, do you really know what exactly he is talking about? I bet not. To help you, including others, to know more about this car part, we deemed it necessary to discuss it here.

Generally, an oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid that is being analyzed. Oxygen is a very important element especially in the automotive application of internal combustion. The sensing element is usually made with a zirconium ceramic bulb coated on both sides with a thin layer of platinum and comes in both heated and unheated forms. Though oxygen sensing is also used in some applications, the oxygen sensor is primarily applied in automotive technology.

Automotive oxygen sensors like the Pontiac oxygen sensor are car parts used to measure the performance of internal combustion engines in automobiles like those of the Pontiac. Internal combustion engine is a heat engine in which combustion occurs in a confined space called a combustion chamber.

Automotive oxygen sensors are also called O2 sensors, lambda probes, lambda sensors, lambda sonds or EGO for exhaust gas oxygen sensors. These sensors are small sensing devices inserted into the exhaust system of a petrol engine to measure the volume of oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas to allow an electronic system to control the efficiency of the combustion process in the engine.

The oxygen sensor is part of the exhaust system, and in most modern automobiles, these sensors are attached to the engine's exhaust manifold to know if the air and gasoline mixture has too much or too little fuel. After which, the information is being transported to the engine management electronic control unit computer which adjusts the mixture to give the engine the best possible fuel economy and lowest possible exhaust emissions.

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