Advances in automotive technology have paved the way for the introduction of automotive electronic devices that effectively help your Peugeot engine run as efficiently as possible and produce lesser emission. The Peugeot oxygen sensor is actually a part of the emission control system and feeds data to the engine management computer. How does this sensor operate?

The engine burns gasoline with the presence of oxygen during combustion. For an efficient combustion to take place, there is a particular ratio that should be maintained, the proper amount of gasoline and oxygen - this ratio is placed at 14.7:1. Now if there is less air than this pre-set ratio, then there will be some fuel left after the combustion process, and this scenario is called a rich mixture. Having a rich mixture is bad since the unburned fuel will then create pollution. On the other hand, if there is more air than the perfect ratio, a lean mixture will result. A lean mixture tends to produce more nitrogen-oxide pollutants and in some cases, may cause poor performance and even damage in the engine. This is where the oxygen sensor comes in.

Your vehicle's oxygen sensor is positioned in the exhaust pipe and can detect rich and lean mixtures. This is possible because of a mechanism that is included in the device. The automobile computer looks at the voltage so as to determine if the mixture is rich or lean and then accordingly adjusts the amount of fuel that enters the engine. The reason why your Peugeot engine needs the oxygen sensor is because the amount of oxygen that the engine can pull depends on a variety of things, such as the air temperature, the engine, and the likes. When this performance device fails, the computer can no longer sense the air and fuel ratio, so it ends up guessing, which could lead to dire consequences.

To avoid possible damage in the engine, poor performance, and inefficient fuel efficiency, better replace the said part the moment it shows signs of failing. Replacing a defective oxygen sensor or any other defective automotive sensor is not that hard as you may have envisioned it to be. Rather, procuring your next Peugeot oxygen sensor is very easy. We at Parts Train always make sure that finding your needed performance parts is as easy as possible, and that these are guaranteed to be marketed at competitive prices and unquestioned quality and reliability. Replace your damaged and under-performing oxygen sensor with a Peugeot oxygen sensor and other electronic devices which are sure to meet your discerning taste in terms of quality and reliability, only here from Parts Train.