You will find several types of oxygen sensors on the market, yet no matter what kind is employed in your ride, one thing is definite - it could wreak havoc in the functionality of your engine assembly as soon as it gets damaged. For an efficient combustion, the engine must be supplied with the right ratio of fuel and air and this is possible when you have a well-functioning Oldsmobile Regency oxygen sensor.

Automotive oxygen sensors don't have a fixed lifespan, however some of them begin to malfunction after reaching 100,000 miles. Because it can't avoid antifreeze, fuel, and dirt build up, the oxygen sensor is prone to corrosion; if diagnosed soon, this matter can be solved by cleaning the sensor extensively. You will realize when it's high time to replace your stock sensor because of noticeable symptoms such as greater emissions, poor mileage, as well as engine problems including rough idling and pinging.

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