In order to optimize the utilization of your engine's fuel, Oldsmobile oxygen sensor is incorporated in your vehicle's exhaust system. It functions in monitoring the air-fuel mixture concentration of your fuel exhaust gases which determines the efficiency of fuel combustion. As it is attached to your engine control unit (ECU), it enables the system to make the necessary adjustments so your vehicle could follow the course of your driving style. Its reliable service achieves a significant improvement in overall engine output and performance with reduced levels of emission.

The durability of the device is essential to ensure reliable service as it handles extreme heat and harsh compound which could normally induce damage to some engine parts. As it is wired to your ECU, the metal case of the sensor is grounded so it would not disturb or disrupt other engine operations. It has a ceramic tip that is exposed to the exhaust gas for effective concentration regulation. While electrical currents that are conducted by the oxygen in the air-fuel mixture, either lean or thick fuel concentration are determined. A rich mixture generates almost 900 millivolts while a slightly lean mixture generates almost 100 millivolts or less.

Your oxygen sensor will not work if it is cold. No voltage is produced when it has an open circuit with high resistance. As your engine heats up, the resistance is dropped which facilitates effective conduction of electric currents. As an emission controlling device, it delivers accurate signals to your vehicle's ECU to enable the part to make necessary adjustment to improve fuel efficiency. The presence of oxygen in fuel gases effectively determines the air-fuel ration which is important in establishing excellent performing engine.

To give your ride excellent fuel mileage and fuel economy, invest with heavy duty and reliable oxygen sensors. It feeds data to your ECU to manage fuel combustion operations efficiently. Rich mixtures are bad for it only means more fuel is wasted or unburned. Aside from creating pollution; it leaves behind harmful exhaust gases which leaves your catalytic converter strained. If more oxygen is measured by the sensor, your engine has a lean air-fuel mixture. A lean mixture produces more nitrogen oxide gases which can induce engine component contamination and wear that result to poor performance.

Your engine runs evenly and smoothly with favorable air-fuel mixture. To minimize fuel wastes, it functions in controlling the concentration of fuel to enhance the productivity of fuel combustion. Once your engine starts to run and generates heat, it is quickly activated to start its operations. It is installed strategically where fuel exhaust passes through to indicate immediate adjustments to your ECU and maintain fuel efficiency while enhancing overall performance. Putting up with faulty sensors compromises performance and fuel efficiency. With the continuously increasing fuel rates, part replacement makes a sensible and more practical option for maintenance. To get premium quality Oldsmobile oxygen sensor, Parts Train is the place to be. We provide convenient 24-hour online shopping to complete your automotive needs right at your fingertips. Great deals await your visit so visit us for your next part replacement.