The Nissan Quest oxygen sensor within your car makes proper injection function achievable. The oxygen sensor assists in theelimination of harmful by-products that arrive from the power plant of your Nissan Quest. The sensor is crucial in continuing to keep your engine operating properly not to mention also helps reduce the environmental consequences of these emissions.

Essentially, your Nissan Quest's oxygen sensor is responsible for sensing when the air-fuel ratio is lean or rich to ensure that the onboard computer will be able to adjust just how much fuel goes into your car's engine. You will discover these Nissan Quest sensors in a place along the length of your vehicle's exhaust pipe. In the event your current onboard computer cannot acquire precise air/fuel mixture info since the oxygen sensor won't function, then you will be sure to encounter poor performance and substandard mileage on your ride. Substitution is usually the most effective alternative if the oxygen sensor of your Nissan Quest is unable to do its job anymore.

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