Fuel injection is possible thanks in part to the Nissan Maxima oxygen sensor in your ride. The oxygen sensor found on your vehicle is an element of the system that helps control those emissions that originate from the engine of your precious Nissan Maxima. A completely efficient sensor can help make certain that your vehicle's engine always treats you to maximum performance while not damaging the environment.

Essentially, your Nissan Maxima's oxygen sensor is in charge of knowing whether the air-fuel mixture is lean or rich to ensure that the car's computer can adjust just how much fuel goes into your car's engine. In your exhaust pipe-that's where you will find this particular sensor on your Nissan Maxima. Given that you will find no way to measure the air/fuel proportion effectively, you would not manage todelight in great gas mileage and top-caliber performance from your car in case the oxygen sensor is not going to function anymore. When the oxygen sensor of your Nissan Maxima is too damaged or worn-out, then it is high time that you exchanged it with a new component.

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