You will find various kinds of oxygen sensors out there, but regardless of what kind works in your ride, one thing is definite - it could impact the operation of the engine as soon as it gets defective. For the combustion process to be efficient, the engine must be provided with the correct mixture of air and fuel and it can be achieved if you have a properly working Nissan Axxess oxygen sensor.

Nissan Axxess oxygen sensors don't come with a fixed lifespan, and many of them begin to breakdown after 100,000 miles. Since it can't avoid engine coolant, fuel, and filth accumulation, the said sensor is likewise susceptible to corrosion; when discovered in early stage, this matter could be solved by cleaning the sensor thoroughly. When you are currently experiencing severe complications like undesirable emissions and excessive fuel consumption and also engine irregularities, it is now time to change your defective oxygen sensor.

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