To suit the functions you have in mind, oxygen sensors come in many different types; however even if you use the most modern one, it will still jeopardize your automobile's performance once it becomes damaged. To realize a remarkable combustion process, the engine should be given the right ratio of air and fuel and this is possible when you have a properly working Mitsubishi Galant oxygen sensor.

Mitsubishi Galant oxygen sensors do not come with a set lifetime, however most of them begin to breakdown after driving for 100,000 miles. Since it is constantly exposed to coolant, fuel, and also filth build up, the said sensor is susceptible to corrosion; if detected early, this problem could be fixed by cleaning the sensor extensively. You'll find out if it's already time to upgrade that old sensor since there are noticeable clues like greater emissions, poor mileage, and engine complications like rough idle and pinging.

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