To match various applications, oxygen sensors are offered in many types; but even though you utilize the most advanced type, it can still jeopardize your automobile's performance once it gets damaged. With a properly functioning Mercury Mountaineer oxygen sensor, you can be certain that the engine is constantly supplied with proper combination of air and fuel, thus enabling it to accomplish a reliable combustion.

Automotive oxygen sensors do not come with a set lifetime, however most of them start to fail once you've driven 100,000 miles. Since it is regularly exposed to engine coolant, fuel, as well as dirt build up, your ride's oxygen sensor is also prone to deterioration; if detected soon, this problem may be solved by cleaning the sensor thoroughly. You will realize if it's already time to upgrade your factory-installed sensor because of noticeable symptoms like increased emissions, poor gas mileage, and engine complications like rough idle and pinging.

For your demands for high-quality replacement, look through our list of parts and pick the premium quality Mercury Mountaineer oxygen sensor your want from the wide range of alternatives that are obtained from world renowned makes like SL, Delphi, and AC Delco.