Without a working Mercedes Benz R320 oxygen sensor within your vehicle, fuel injection won't function as effectively as intended. That oxygen sensor in your car is a component of the system that helps manage the emissions that originate from the power plant of your precious Mercedes Benz R320. By means of its functionality, the sensorhelps the engine function efficiently even while lessening your ride's influence on the atmosphere.

Essentially, your Mercedes Benz R320's oxygen sensor is responsible for sensing whether the air-fuel ratio is lean or rich so that the onboard computer can adjust how much fuel is injected to the car's motor. Oxygen sensors tend to be situated inside the exhaust pipe of your own Mercedes Benz R320. If the onboard computer cannot obtain exact air/fuel blend info since the oxygen sensor is not going to work, then you're certain to encounter sluggish efficiency and substandard mileage from your ride. Any time the oxygen sensor of your Mercedes Benz R320 is too broken or worn-out, then it's the right time that you swapped out it with a brand-new unit.

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