Proper injection of fuel is made possible thanks in part to the Mercedes Benz 280 oxygen sensor within your automobile. The oxygen sensor helps in thecontrol of hazardous by-products that arrive from the engine of your Mercedes Benz 280. A fully efficient sensor can help ensure that the vehicle's engine always treats you to optimum performance without doing harm to the atmosphere.

Thanks to your Mercedes Benz 280's oxygen sensor, your car is able to benefit from an optimum air-fuel mixture given that the built-in computer has the ability to adjust the fuel injection operation based on the sensor's scan. Inside the exhaust pipe-that's where you will find this certain sensor on your Mercedes Benz 280. In case the oxygen sensorquits working, your automobile will tend to waste fuel and have substandard performance because the computer will not get an appropriate technique to determine the air/fuel ratio anymore. Replacement is usually the ideal alternative whenever the oxygen sensor of your Mercedes Benz 280 is unable to do its task anymore.

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