To match various applications, oxygen sensors are available in many types; but even when you utilize the most advanced type, it will still jeopardize your ride's performance the moment it does get defective. With a working Lincoln Mkt oxygen sensor, you are assured that the engine is consistently supplied with correct combination of air and fuel, thereby enabling it to perform an efficient combustion.

Automotive oxygen sensors do not come with a fixed life expectancy, however most of them begin to malfunction after reaching 100,000 miles. The sensor installed in your Lincoln Mkt may also wear away over time because of build up of dirt, engine coolant, lubricant, gas, and other contaminants; if the defect has only started, you can avoid the complications of replacement by effectively cleaning the sensor. You'll know if it's high time to replace your factory-installed sensor due to evident symptoms like unfavorable emissions, poor mileage, as well as engine issues including rough idle and pinging.

To answer your need for replacement, browse only our catalog of parts and pick the premium quality Lincoln Mkt oxygen sensor you require from our wide range of alternatives which are acquired from reputable Lincoln Mkts such as SL, Delphi, and NTK.