To suit various applications, oxygen sensors come in many different types; however even though you employ the most modern one, it can still affect the efficiency of your vehicle once it gets faulty. For the process of combustion to be efficient, the engine should be given the best combination of air and fuel and it is achievable when you have a well-functioning Lexus Ls400 oxygen sensor.

Oxygen sensors for Lexus Ls400 don't have a set lifetime, but many of them start to breakdown once you've driven 100,000 miles. That particular sensor installed in your Lexus Ls400 might also corrode in the long run because of accumulation of grime, coolant, oil, gas, together with other contaminants; if the trouble has just started, you could avoid the hassles of product replacement by getting rid of the dirt from the sensor. You will realize when it's high time to replace your factory-installed sensor because of obvious clues just like unfavorable emissions, poor fuel mileage, and engine issues like rough idle and pinging.

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