The Lexus Is350 oxygen sensor inside your vehicle makes fuel injection possible. The exhaust control in your Lexus Is350 is based mostly on the oxygen sensor. By means of its functionality, the sensorhelps the engine function properly while lessening your ride's effect on the surroundings.

Basically, your Lexus Is350's oxygen sensor is responsible for knowing whether the air-fuel proportion is lean or rich to ensure that the onboard computer will be able to modify just how much fuel goes into your car's engine. Oxygen sensors tend to be situated within the exhaust pipe of the Lexus Is350. When the oxygen sensorcan't keep functioning, your ride will tend to throw away fuel and give substandard efficiency since the computer will not have an appropriate way to measure the air/fuel ratio anymore. If the oxygen sensor of your Lexus Is350 gets too damaged or worn-out, then it's the right time that you swapped out it with a new component.

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