Managing gas use and wastes are the least of your problems once your car has a Land Rover oxygen sensor. If you're not familiar with the oxygen sensor of your Land Rover, it's the component located beside your catalytic converter; it's main job is measuring the amount of oxygen that allows you to properly burn the gasoline and produce higher torque and horsepower.

When your Land Rover oxygen sensor is subjected to things such as severe heat and harsh chemicals, odds are it's going to deteriorate soon. The moment the oxygen sensor of your Land Rover gets busted, the oxygen level of the internal combustion system either shoots up or decreases, which can negatively change the overall efficiency of your vehicle. In order to prevent these kinds of oxygen sensor problems on your Land Rover, it's advisable for you to regularly examine its condition as part of maintenance. In case your sensor ceases to perform, then you are left withnooption but to change your damaged part right this instant.

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