You will find different types of oxygen sensors out there, however, no matter what model works in your automobile, one thing is sure - it can impact the operations of your engine assembly as soon as it gets damaged. With a properly functioning Hyundai Tucson oxygen sensor, you have nothing to fret about knowing that the engine is consistently supplied with proper blend of fuel and air, thereby letting it carry out a reliable combustion process.

Hyundai Tucson oxygen sensors don't guarantee a fixed lifespan, however many of them start to breakdown after reaching 100,000 miles. Since it can't avoid coolant, gas, as well as grime build up, the oxygen sensor is likewise susceptible to deterioration; if diagnosed in early stage, this problem can be solved by cleaning the sensor extensively. When you are already experiencing critical issues including bad emissions and fuel mileage and engine pinging and missing, it is now time that you upgrade your defective oxygen sensor.

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