Injection function is made possible thanks in part to the Hyundai Genesis oxygen sensor in your ride. The oxygen sensor on your car is part of the device that helps control all those by-products that originate from the engine of your Hyundai Genesis. With its performance, the sensorcan help the engine operate efficiently while reducing your vehicle's influence on the surroundings.

Thanks to your Hyundai Genesis's oxygen sensor, your car gets to enjoy an optimal air-fuel ratio given that the built-in computer can fine-tune the fuel injection functionality according to the sensor's reading. Oxygen sensors usually are positioned in the exhaust pipe of your Hyundai Genesis. When the oxygen sensorquits working, your automobile will tend to squander fuel and give mediocre performance since the computer will not get an accurate way to measure the air/fuel mixture any further. Substitution is often the best choice if the oxygen sensor of your Hyundai Genesis can't do its task anymore.

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