To suit various applications, oxygen sensors are available in many types; however even if you use the most modern one, it will still affect the efficiency of your vehicle once it becomes faulty. With a working Hummer H3 oxygen sensor, you can be sure that your motor is constantly fed with appropriate blend of air and fuel, therefore allowing it to carry out an effective combustion.

Hummer H3 oxygen sensors don't come with a fixed lifetime, but many of them start to fail after reaching 100,000 miles. That particular sensor installed in your Hummer H3 might also wear away over time caused by build-up of grime, coolant, lubricant, fuel, as well as other substances; if the trouble just set out, you may stay away from the complications of replacement by eliminating the dirt from the sensor. If you're now suffering from critical issues like bad emissions and fuel mileage and missing or pinging engine, then it's high time to change your stock oxygen sensor.

To answer your need for replacement, look through our directory of parts and find the superior quality Hummer H3 oxygen sensor you need from our wide range of choices that are sourced from world renowned makes including SL, Bosch, and Beck Arnley.