Not having a functional Honda S2000 oxygen sensor on your vehicle, fuel injection won't function as efficiently as intended. The oxygen sensor found on your automobile is an element of the mechanism that helps handle the pollutants that arrive from the engine of your Honda S2000. The sensor is crucial in continuing to keep any engine performing properly not to mention also helps reduce the general effects of those fumes.

In essence, your Honda S2000's oxygen sensor is responsible for sensing when the air-fuel proportion is lean or rich to ensure that the onboard computer may modify just how much fuel goes into your vehicle's engine. Oxygen sensors usually are located inside the exhaust pipe of your own Honda S2000. If the onboard computer cannot get precise air/fuel blend data simply because the oxygen sensor is not going to deliver the results, then you're guaranteed to encounter lethargic efficiency and subpar mileage on your vehicle. If the oxygen sensor of your Honda S2000 is too broken or worn-out, then it really is high time that you exchanged it with a new unit.

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