There are several types of oxygen sensors on the market, but irrespective of what model works in your ride, one thing is sure - it could wreak havoc in the functionality of your engine as soon as it becomes faulty. For an efficient combustion, the engine must be provided with the right ratio of fuel and air and it is possible when you have a working Honda Accord oxygen sensor.

Honda Accord oxygen sensors don't ensure a set lifespan, however many of them start to malfunction after 100,000 miles. That sensor in your Honda Accord may also deteriorate over time because of accumulation of filth, antifreeze, lubricant, gas, together with other contaminants; if the problem has just started, you can avoid the headaches brought by replacement by properly cleaning the sensor. If you're already going through critical problems such as bad emissions and gas mileage and engine pinging or missing, it is about time to change your stock oxygen sensor.

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