Despite the fact that oxygen sensors have been made standard vehicle equipment since 1980 model year, there are still lots of people who know nothing about them. Most cars and light trucks feature one or two oxygen sensors. However, since Onboard Diagnostics II was launched, the number of oxygen sensors in each vehicle has doubled.

In your GMC vehicle, the oxygen sensors are designed to perform a crucial job even in the harshest of environments. Just like the oxygen sensors for other vehicle makes, GMC oxygen sensors are tuned to gauge the oxygen content of the exhaust the moment it leaves the cylinders. The GMC oxygen sensors need to accurately check the red-hot exhaust hundreds of times per minute and convert its status into a corresponding voltage signal. This voltage signal is monitored by the onboard engine management computer to adjust the air/fuel mixture. It is important to make sure that your GMC speed sensor is efficient and in good working condition because the speed with which the oxygen sensor reacts to oxygen changes in the exhaust is really significant for precise fuel control, maximum fuel economy and low emissions.

Like anything in this world, your GMC oxygen sensor won't last forever. No matter how tough it is, it will eventually wear out or get damaged as time pass by. As the oxygen sensor ages, the contaminants produced during normal combustion as well as the oil ash will build up on the sensing element. Once this happens, the sensor's ability to respond immediately to changes in the air/fuel mixture will be reduced. The problem can't easily be seen but over time, the condition will just get worse, requiring you eventually to replace your oxygen sensor. Who would like to have a defective speed sensor? With all the black smoke with rotten-egg odor that your exhaust will emit, plus the poor performance and mileage, a damaged speed sensor is really a big no no.

To avoid further damage, it is always important to keep your GMC oxygen sensor fresh. Maintaining the proper operating condition of your GMC oxygen sensor will definitely improve your vehicle's fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. It will thus lessen the risk of having a damaged catalytic converter while providing maximum engine performance at the same time. For your GMC oxygen sensor needs, Parts Train is the perfect place to go. As one of the country's leading auto parts stores, Parts Train holds the widest array of top quality GMC oxygen sensors. Here, the GMC oxygen sensors are made efficient enough to perform the way you want it to.