Fuel injection is allowed thanks in part to the Ford Contour oxygen sensor within your vehicle. The fume regulation found on your Ford Contour is reliant on your oxygen sensor. The sensor is essential in keeping the engine performing well and also helps reduce the general consequences of these emissions.

In essence, your Ford Contour's oxygen sensor is responsible for knowing if the air-fuel ratio is lean or rich so that the onboard computer will be able to alter how much fuel goes into your vehicle's engine. In that exhaust pipe-that's where you'll uncover this particular sensing unit on your Ford Contour. If the onboard computer cannot obtain precise air/fuel combination information since the oxygen sensor won't deliver the results, then you are certain to encounter lethargic functionality and suboptimal mileage out of your vehicle. Think of swapping the damaged oxygen sensor of your Ford Contour anytime it's alreadybroken beyond repair in an effort to restore correct automobile efficiency.

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