The Dodge Stratus oxygen sensor inside your car makes fuel injection possible. Any oxygen sensor assists in thecontrol of harmful wastes that arrive from the power plant of your Dodge Stratus. By means of its functionality, the sensorhelps the engine operate efficiently even while minimizing your ride's influence on the atmosphere.

On account of your Dodge Stratus's oxygen sensor, your ride is able to enjoy an ideal air-fuel mixture since the built-in computer is able to adjust the fuel injection functionality based on the sensor's scan. Oxygen sensors tend to be positioned in the exhaust pipe of the Dodge Stratus. Because you will find no means to measure the air/fuel ratio effectively, you will not be able todelight in fantastic mileage and superior functionality out of your car in case the oxygen sensor won't do the job anymore. Think of replacing the broken oxygen sensor of your Dodge Stratus when it really is alreadyimpaired beyond repair in an effort to regain correct automobile performance.

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