In order to attain better fuel consumption rate and lessen engine emissions, then the part for you is a Dodge Ram 1500 oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor of your Dodge Ram 1500 is animportant part of your emissions system that determines the oxygen amount necessary to meet the accurate air-fuel proportion, thereby producing rich, powerful mixture.

Once your Dodge Ram 1500 oxygen sensor is subjected to components such as severe heat and hazardous substances, it's likely that it will fail soon. If the oxygen sensor of your Dodge Ram 1500 starts to wear out, your engine will either have too much or not enough oxygen rate, which will lead to misfires, weakfuel economy, along with other performance troubles. In order to avoid these kinds of oxygen sensor difficulties on your Dodge Ram 1500, it's advisable that you regularly check its condition as part of maintenance. If the oxygen sensor is, sad to say, no longer functioning, then it's high time that you replace your broken stock.

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