There can be various kinds of oxygen sensors out there, however, irrespective of what kind is employed in your ride, one thing is certain - it may affect the operations of your engine assembly once it gets defective. For a notable combustion process, the engine needs to be provided with the best ratio of air and fuel and it is achievable if you employ a working Dodge D150 oxygen sensor.

Dodge D150 oxygen sensors don't come with a fixed lifespan, but many of them start to fail after 100,000 miles. Since it is constantly exposed to antifreeze, fuel, as well as filth build up, the said sensor is also prone to deterioration; if detected in early stage, this problem can be resolved by cleaning the sensor thoroughly. If you're now experiencing severe problems including undesirable emissions and gas mileage and engine pinging or missing, it is about time to upgrade your defective oxygen sensor.

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