The Dodge Caravan oxygen sensor within your automobile helps make fuel injection possible. That oxygen sensor in your automobile is a component of the device that helps control all those emissions that come from the power plant of your precious Dodge Caravan. Through its functionality, the sensorhelps the engine run efficiently even while minimizing your vehicle's effect on the surroundings.

Your Dodge Caravan's oxygen sensor is meant to allow for accurate modification of the quantity of gasoline moved directly into the engine through the built-in computer on your ride. Oxygen sensors tend to be positioned inside the exhaust pipe of the Dodge Caravan. If your onboard computer won't be able to get precise air/fuel combination info simply because the oxygen sensor won't work, then you are sure to experience poor performance and substandard mileage on your vehicle. Substitution is always the best option whenever the oxygen sensor of your Dodge Caravan can't do its activity any longer.

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