Proper injection of fuel is possible thanks partly to the Daewoo Leganza oxygen sensor in your automobile. That oxygen sensor on your car is an element of the system that helps control all those by-products that arrive from the motor of your precious Daewoo Leganza. The sensor is crucial in continuing to keep the engine functioning well not to mention also helps reduce the general results of these emissions.

Your Daewoo Leganza's oxygen sensor is there for correct correction of the volume of gas pumped directly into the engine by way of the onboards computer on your vehicle. You'll locate these Daewoo Leganza sensors someplace across your vehicle's exhaust pipe. Given that there is no way to determine the air/fuel ratio effectively, you will not manage todelight in excellent fuel consumption rate and top-caliber operation out of your automobile if the oxygen sensor is not going to work anymore. Substitution is often the most effective choice anytime the oxygen sensor of your Daewoo Leganza is unable to do its job any longer.

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