To suit different applcations, oxygen sensors come in many types; however even though you use the most contemporary unit, it can still affect the efficiency of your vehicle once it becomes damaged. For an effective combustion, your engine should be provided with the correct mixture of air and fuel and it is achievable when you have a well-functioning Chevrolet V20 oxygen sensor.

Automotive oxygen sensors don't come with a set lifetime, and some of them begin to breakdown after 100,000 miles. The sensor in your Chevrolet V20 might also deteriorate over time caused by build up of filth, engine coolant, oil, fuel, and other substances; if the problem has only began, you can save yourself from the hassles of product replacement by cleaning up the sensor properly. You'll know if it is already time to upgrade your factory-installed sensor since there are evident clues just like increased emissions, poor mileage, as well as engine problems like idling roughly and pinging.

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