Injection Function is made possible thanks in part to the Buick Rainier oxygen sensor within your ride. The exhaust management in your Buick Rainier is dependent on this oxygen sensor. With its function, the sensorwill help the engine run efficiently even while reducing your vehicle's influence on the atmosphere.

In essence, your Buick Rainier's oxygen sensor is responsible for sensing whether the air-fuel proportion is lean or rich so that the car's computer will be able to modify just how much fuel enters into your car's engine. You'll find these Buick Rainier sensors somewhere along the length of your vehicle's exhaust pipe. Since you will find no method to gauge the air/fuel proportion accurately, you will not manage totake pleasure in excellent fuel consumption rate and top-caliber functionality from your car in case the oxygen sensor is not going to function anymore. Substitution is usually the best alternative if the oxygen sensor of your Buick Rainier cannot do its activity any further.

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