You will find different types of oxygen sensors on the market, but irrespective of what kind works in your automobile, one thing is definite - it may wreak havoc in the operations of the engine assembly as soon as it gets defective. With a properly functioning Bmw Z8 oxygen sensor, you can be sure that the engine is consistently fed with correct mixture of fuel and air, thereby allowing it to carry out an effective combustion process.

Bmw Z8 oxygen sensors don't have a specific lifespan, and most of them begin to breakdown soon after 100,000 miles. Because it can't keep away from antifreeze, gas, as well as dirt accumulation, the said sensor is also susceptible to corrosion; if diagnosed soon, this matter may be solved by cleaning the sensor thoroughly. You'll know if it is already time to replace that old sensor due to obvious clues such as unfavorable emissions, poor gas mileage, as well as engine complications like idling roughly and pinging.

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