There can be different types of oxygen sensors out there, yet regardless of what model works in your ride, one thing is for sure - it may affect the operation of your engine once it gets defective. With a properly functioning Bmw 740 oxygen sensor, you are assured that your engine is constantly fed with proper combination of fuel and air, thereby enabling it to carry out an efficient combustion process.

Automotive oxygen sensors don't come with a preset life expectancy, however many of them start to malfunction after 100,000 miles. Since it can't keep away from antifreeze, gas, as well as dirt build-up, your ride's oxygen sensor is also vulnerable to corrosion; if detected early, this problem can be solved by cleaning the sensor thoroughly. If you're already going through critical issues such as poor emissions and increased fuel consumption as well as missing or pinging engine, then it is about time that you upgrade your defective oxygen sensor.

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