The Bmw 550i oxygen sensor inside your vehicle helps to Bmw 550i proper injection function achievable. The emission control in your Bmw 550i is reliant on your oxygen sensor. The sensor is essential in keeping the motor functioning effectively not to mention also helps lessen the ecological results of these emissions.

In essence, your Bmw 550i's oxygen sensor is responsible for sensing if the air-fuel proportion is lean or rich so that the car's computer will be able to alter how much fuel is injected to the vehicle's powerplant. Oxygen sensors usually are situated inside the exhaust pipe of the Bmw 550i. Given that there is no way to gauge the air/fuel proportion properly, you would not manage toenjoy fantastic fuel consumption rate and top-caliber functionality from your vehicle in case the oxygen sensor will not do the job anymore. Installing a fresh part is usually the ideal option if the oxygen sensor of your Bmw 550i is unable to do its activity any longer.

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