If you want to get more desirable mileage and reduce engine wastes, then the part for you is a Bmw 540i oxygen sensor. If you're unaware of the oxygen sensor of your Bmw 540i, it's the engine part located beside your catalytic converter; it's in charge of measuring the amount of oxygen in order to effectively burn the gasoline and yield more significant torque and horsepower.

There's a huge chance that your Bmw 540i oxygen sensor will breakdown because of consistent subjection to heat, compounds, and other harshcontents. You can probably go through performance difficulties, misfires, and high gas consumption as the oxygen sensor of your Bmw 540i starts to fail. In order to avoid these kinds of oxygen sensor issues on your Bmw 540i, it's recommended for you to regularly examine its condition as part of maintenance. In case your sensor ceases to work, then you havenochoice but to take out your worn component immediately.

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