If your BMW is produced after 1980 model year, it surely has an oxygen sensor. BMW oxygen sensor is a spark plug shaped device that's deemed to perform a very crucial job in your BMW automobile. And it does its task excellently even in the harshest of environments. Just like the oxygen sensors in any other modern vehicle, BMW oxygen sensor is a very vital component in the emissions control system. It is responsible for measuring the oxygen content of the exhaust right after it has passed through the catalytic converter. After precisely checking the red-hot exhaust hundreds of times per minute, the BMW oxygen sensor will convert its condition into a corresponding voltage signal.

The said voltage signal will then be sent by the oxygen sensor to the engine management ECU computer which then gives a command to the mixture control solenoid found in the carburetor to regulate the mixture before it enters the engine. This process ensures that your BMW engine will receive not just best possible fuel economy but also lowest possible exhaust emissions.

Generally BMW oxygen sensor's tasks are: to help the BMW engine realize a competent and respectable performance and to make sure that your ultimate driving machine emits few and less hazardous emissions. So if you want your BMW to pass emissions inspections, just be very sure that your BMW oxygen sensor is on perfect working condition. Aside from that, a well-functioning oxygen sensor will also save you money for fuel cost as well as repair bills. The BMW oxygen sensor that's on tiptop shape and condition enhances the car's fuel economy, lessens the exhaust emissions, reduces the risk of pricey damage to the vehicle's catalytic converter and assures top engine performance.

If your BMW oxygen sensor starts to fail, then better look for a replacement or else, many important things will be compromised. Once the BMW oxygen sensor got damaged, the computer in your BMW can no longer gauge the air and fuel ratio. It thus ends up guessing. And it causes the engine to perform its job poorly and to require more fuel than it needs before. Replacement BMW oxygen sensors are made to carry out the job of your factory-installed BMW oxygen sensor. Usually, they crafted to be as efficient as the original unit.