To suit the functions you have in mind, oxygen sensors come in many different types; but even when you use the most modern one, it may still put your vehicle's functionality at risk when it becomes defective. With a well functioning Audi S8 oxygen sensor, you have nothing to fret about knowing that your engine is constantly supplied with proper blend of fuel and air, therefore enabling it to carry out a reliable combustion.

Audi S8 oxygen sensors don't have a set life expectancy, and some of them start to breakdown after 100,000 miles. Since it can't keep away from engine coolant, gas, as well as filth build-up, the oxygen sensor is likewise vulnerable to rust; when discovered in early stage, this problem may be fixed by cleaning the sensor extensively. In case you are currently experiencing critical problems including bad emissions and increased fuel consumption as well as engine irregularities, it is about time to change your stock oxygen sensor.

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