You will find various kinds of oxygen sensors out there, yet regardless of what type works in your automobile, one thing is certain - it could wreak havoc in the functionality of your engine assembly as soon as it gets defective. With a properly functioning Audi S5 oxygen sensor, you are assured that your engine is consistently provided with appropriate combination of air and fuel, thereby allowing it to perform a reliable combustion.

Audi S5 oxygen sensors do not ensure a fixed lifespan, and many of them begin to fail soon after 100,000 miles. That sensor installed in your Audi S5 may also wear away over time caused by accumulation of grime, coolant, lubricant, gas, together with other substances; if the problem just started, you can stay away from the complications of replacement by cleaning up the sensor properly. If you're now suffering from serious problems such as bad emissions and gas mileage and also engine pinging or missing, then it's about time to replace your stock oxygen sensor.

For your need for replacement, look through our catalog of automotive products and find the premium quality Audi S5 oxygen sensor your want from the wide variety of choices which are sourced from reputable Audi S5s such as SL, Standard, as well as Motorcraft.