There can be several types of oxygen sensors on the market, but no matter what model is employed in your automobile, there's one thing for sure - it can wreak havoc in the operation of your engine the moment it gets defective. With a working Audi A5 oxygen sensor, you can be sure that your engine is consistently supplied with correct combination of fuel and air, therefore letting it perform an efficient combustion.

Oxygen sensors for Audi A5 do not come with a fixed lifespan, yet most of them begin to breakdown after 100,000 miles. That particular sensor employed in your Audi A5 could also wear away in the long run caused by build-up of filth, coolant, lubricant, gas, as well as other particles; if the problem just started, you could avoid the complications of product replacement by effectively cleaning the sensor. You will realize if it's high time to change your factory-installed sensor due to noticeable clues such as increased emissions, poor mileage, and engine issues like idling roughly and pinging.

Luckily, Parts Train features high-quality Audi A5 oxygen sensor choices coming from well known producers worldwide such as Denso, Motorcraft, and OES Genuine also, with our Low Price Guarantee, you can get the unit that meets your needs and your vehicle's specifications without hurting your budget.