Devoid of a functional Audi A3 oxygen sensor within your auto, fuel injection won't function as effectively as planned. The exhaust management on your Audi A3 is based mostly on your oxygen sensor. By means of its function, the sensorhelps the engine run properly even while reducing your vehicle's influence on the environment.

Because of your Audi A3's oxygen sensor, your car can benefit from an ideal air-fuel proportion since the onboard computer is able to adjust the fuel injection functionality according to the sensor's analysis. You are going to locate these Audi A3 sensors in a place along your vehicle's exhaust pipe. Given that you will find no way to gauge the air/fuel ratio effectively, you will not have the ability toenjoy great mileage and top-caliber operation coming from your car if the oxygen sensor won't do the job anymore. If the oxygen sensor of your Audi A3 is too impaired or worn-out, then it really is the right time that you exchanged it with a new unit.

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