For the engine to keep on working properly, it must always be lubricated by oil and it is the reason why automobiles are equipped with a good oil pump. Once your Nissan Maxima oil pump fails and the oil pressure declines, the significant components of your engine will never be lubricated well and it may lead to major engine problem.

Owners of vehicles that feature an oil pressure meter will immeadiately know if there's an issue with the pressure of oil; if your rig doesn't include such, then pay attention to the warning light or simply be observant of the noise your engine produces. The typical grounds for automotive oil pump failure is normal wear because it is the sole component of the engine that depends on unfiltered oil for lubrication, since the filter is placed following pump. Engine malfunction could happen the moment gears in the automotive oil pump turn out to be defective and quit dispensing oil into the engine.

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