For the engine to continue working well, it has to be lubricated with oil and that's exactly why automobiles are equipped with an oil pump. When your Mercury oil pump breaks down and the vehicle's oil pressure declines, the running parts of the engine will never be lubricated properly and this can result in major issues concerning the engine.

People who own automobiles that feature an oil pressure gauge will immeadiately know if there is a trouble with the oil pressure; if your ride doesn't include such, you have to look closely at the warning light or just be observant of the strange sound generated by the engine. The typical reason for automotive oil pump failure is wear and tear since it is the sole part of your engine that's moisturized by unfiltered oil, knowing that the oil filter is placed following pump. When the gears spinning within the oil pump of your Mercury are exhausted, they may no longer be able to send sufficient oil to the engine, which will eventually lead to engine failure.

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