For your engine to continue working properly, it must always be moisturized with oil and it is exactly why autos are provided with a quality oil pump. Once your Honda Passport oil pump stops working and the vehicle's oil pressure drops, the working components of the engine will never be lubricated well and this may lead to serious engine damage.

If your vehicle features oil pressure meter, you'll be informed straight away if your issue is a bad oil pressure, however, if it doesn't have one, you can check your warning light or determine if your engine generates clattering noise. Because the oil filter is placed right after it, oil pump is the only engine partthat employs unfiltered oil oil sediments, therefore, hasten its deterioration. In case the gears rotating inside the oil pump of your Honda Passport are worn out, these might not be capable of sending sufficient oil towards your engine, which will ultimately bring about engine failure.

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