Car Oil Pressure Switches

Even on your last thread of patience due to your steaming engine, don't be quick to buy that expensive coolant that promises to end your overheating problems. Sure, it may work well, but what if it's not what you need? You see, an overheating engine isn't always caused by a faulty cooling system. Sometimes, it happens because too much friction is generated by the engine's moving parts. How do you avoid this? You need to have a sufficient amount of oil running through your engine under the right pressure. The often overlooked part that helps make sure your oil pressure's not too low nor too high is the oil pressure switch. Miss out on replacing this when it's damaged will have you well on your way to that overheated engine.

You already know that oil lubricates the bearings and the rest of your engine's moving components. This reduces the amount of friction produced and minimizes the risk of engine part damage that could amount to hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. The oil, however, must be pumped into the engine with utmost precision to ensure proper lubrication. Your car oil pressure switch is what reads the oil pressure level in the engine and sends the reading to the ECU. If the oil pressure is low, it can't lubricate the engine's parts sufficiently. In the event that this happens, the switch will send a signal to the driver by activating an oil pressure status light.

Thanks to the oil pressure switch, you're kept aware of the oil pressure condition, enabling you to do precautionary measures to avoid severe engine damage. As long as your oil gauge is fully functional, you shouldn't miss out on this information. If oil pressure becomes so low that it'll threaten to overheat your engine, or so high that it can damage or block the filter and oil gallery, you'll be alerted so you can remedy the situation at once.

So the next time your engine temperature starts spiking up, don't blame your cooling system so soon. The problem may just be that you have low oil pressure, and the reason you're clueless is because you have a broken oil pressure switch. When this part fails for whatever reason, it's best to replace it right away. Ignoring this problem will only lead to you not knowing what's going on within your engine, which in turn may lead to some serious part damage you'll be sure to regret.

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