The oil pressure significantly affects the way your engine performs as well as keeping its long life. It is the amount of pressure that the engine oil system creates via the oil pump. There is a certain amount of oil pressure required to circulate oil all throughout the engine system to allow peak engine performance and to maintain an accurate lubrication. Low oil pressure or loss of pressure is risky since it can result to severe engine failure. That is why, for you to accurately monitor and determine the oil pressure that your vehicle creates, it is best to be equipped with a reliable Saab oil pressure sender. Depending on different vehicle configurations, this can be bolted into the low bottom side of the oil filter housing, into the engine block, or behind the manifold. This is a useful device that can detect and evaluate the oil pressure in the engine.

In the lubrication system, the engine oil is contained in the oil pump where it is forced out and routed through various oil drillings and into the bearings. These bearings include the main bearing, big ends, and the camshaft bearings. Adequate oil pressure ensures that the metal of the rotating shaft will not make contact with the bearing shell, so wear is restricted from the initial start-up and shutdown. When the bearing clearance increases because of wear and the oil pump deteriorates in efficiency as it ages, the oil pressure falls. That is why the Saab oil pressure sender is employed to provide accurate readings to the oil pressure gauge. It sends correct oil pressure measurement present inside your engine.

The Saab oil pressure sender provides low pressure reading whenever some of these factors are present: at low oil level in the oil pan, diluted oil, leaks, dirty oil, too low oil viscosity, a clogged oil filter, worn out oil pump, and oil bearing. Complete loss of oil pressure is a result from a damaged oil pump or driveshaft. This can lead to grave breakdown of the engine unless the engine is immediately shut off.

The oil pressure sender can efficiently provide you accurate readings by using a spring-loaded diaphragm which is connected to a resistor or set of contacts. When the oil forces against the spring-loaded diaphragm, a warning light is activated indicating that the pressure drops down below 4 or 5 psi and enabling the oil pressure gauge to provide the exact reading.

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