As an important sub-part of the auto engine, the oil pan catches all the oil. When your Scion engine stops moving, used oil oozes into the Scion oil pan and stops there until grease is to be used again to safeguard movable engine components from friction.

Leaks coming from the oil pan of your Scion are very common. When the oil starts to leak because of a busted oil pan, buy a new part ASAP. Oil leaks can cause frequent overheating. When the pan is exhibiting signs of old age, have it replaced as soon as possible; do not wait for this pan to cause additional problems for your Scion .

Our catalog is here to help you in finding the right Scion oil pans. You'll definitely find a pocket-friendly, highly durable Scion oil pan here. Manufacturers that include Febi, Omix, and OES Genuine are included to provide you OE parts you can completely trust and depend.