Jeep Cherokee Oil Pan

There are many fluids involved in making your vehicle run efficiently. The engine plays a critical role in the efficient running and these components needs to be lubricated regularly. For this, you need the oil pan which is a removable, metal chamber or bowl that is bolted on the bottom of your engine's crankcase. Oil pans are more often made of thin sheet steel or cast alloy, but there are also high-performance oil pans that are made from billet aluminum.

Your engine needs to be constantly lubricated to protect it against the friction that is commonly encountered by moving parts. The whole process of lubrication starts with the oil pan which stores the oil when the car is at rest or is not running. At the start of the engine, the oil pump sucks in the oil from the oil pan and directs it towards the oil filter which sifts the grit and impurities so only the pure oil remains. The clean oil is then propelled towards the walls of the piston cylinders and its bearings. These are the auto components responsible for keeping the engine components moving freely. After lubricating the engine components, the oil will trickle down to the oil pan which is located at the bottom of the crankcase where the oil used for engine accumulates. Once the engine starts again, then the oil pump will suck it again and the cycle starts all over again.

The Jeep Cherokee Oil Pan is made tough to do its task; doing its function actually leaves it more vulnerable to leaks. With the oil being thrown around it becomes more exposed to the wear and tear that can finally cause it to leak. The oil pan sensing that there is a leak would try and attempt to stop the leak but will more likely worsen the situation when the gaskets are rendered inutile. The location of the oil pan leaves it accessible to splashes of water during rainy days making it susceptible to corrosion. The plug or seal of the oil pan is also vulnerable to corrosion and would need a replacement.

Have your oil pan checked regularly to monitor its condition because it is important for the proper and smooth operation of your car. In case your Jeep Cherokee Oil Pan is already corroded, then get yourself a replacement from Parts Train. You are assured of getting superior quality replacement auto parts like oil pans. For the past 25 years, Parts Train has been providing its customers with auto parts based from OEM specs at very affordable prices.