The Honda Motors Company tried to penetrate the US market by coming out with the small and compact Honda Civic. It was quite a feat because the Americans have been used to large automobiles. But because it has a good interior space despite the compact size, it has slowly gained popularity. At present, Honda Civic is acknowledged as one of the longest running car model since it was introduced in 1972. It has been considered a car model that represents the true value for money because it is economical and reliable. And to preserve the good name, each auto part of Honda Civic is made of the highest quality.

The Honda Civic oil pan is located at the bottom of the crankcase and where the oil used for engine lubrication accumulates. The engine needs to be lubricated to protect it against the friction commonly encountered by its many moving parts. The whole process of lubrication is actually a cycle that starts with the oil which is stored at the oil pan when the car is at rest. Once the engine is started the oil pump sucks in the oil from the Honda Civic oil pan and guides it towards the oil filter so that the grit and impurities could be sifted and the oil is then propelled to the walls of the piston cylinders and its bearings which keeps the engine components moving freely. After lubricating these parts, the oil will dribble down to the oil pan until the oil pump sucks it in again and the cycle starts all over again.

The Honda Civic oil pan has been made tough because it is the auto part most likely to leak. Because of its function where the oil is thrown around, it is subject to the ravages of time that can finally cause a leak. When there is a leak, the oil pan would try and attempt to stop the leak but unfortunately this will more likely cause it to worsen when the gaskets are rendered inutile. The oil pan has a plug or seal that can also suffer corrosion and thus needing to be replaced. The location of the oil pan makes it accessible to splashes of water during rainy periods and thus making it susceptible to corrosion that can cause the leak on the pan. And there is no other alternative but to replace it.

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