The overall performance of your Buick Century depends so much on the different vehicle fluids like fuel, oil, and coolant. In order to generate power that will make your car run, the engine must be supplied with sufficient amount of fuel. During combustion, the engine produces too much heat. Excessive heat is not good for the engine since it can give negative affects to its performance. So to ensure that the engine temperature is properly regulated, the engine needs to have adequate supply of coolant. It is a mixture of water and ethylene glycol that circulates throughout the system to absorb extreme engine heat. Aside from sufficient amount of fuel and coolant, the engine also necessitates right amount of oil. Such oil is used in lubricating the different internal engine components. If these moving parts are well-lubricated, then they can function smoothly.

Every fluid used in your Buick Century has its own reservoir. The fuel is stored in the fuel tank while the coolant is in the coolant tank. For the engine oil, the oil pan serves as its storage. Before the oil is pumped into the various engine parts, it is first stored in your Buick Century oil pan. The oil pan is a detachable metal chamber or bowl which is found right below the engine's crankcase. If the oil has already circulated throughout the engine, it drains down towards the oil pan to be stored. The oil pan is usually provided with an oil drain plug. The purpose of including an oil drain plug is to make it easier for you to remove the old oil from your vehicle during oil change. By simply pulling out the oil drain plug of your Buick Century oil pan, the oil is immediately pumped out.

Most oil pans are constructed from thin sheet steel or cast alloy. However, there are also high-performance oil pans and they are made from billet aluminum. Whether your Buick Century oil pan is made of steel, cast alloy or billet aluminum, the said component will still deteriorate or get damaged in time. In case the oil pan of your Buck Century is already damaged, searching for a quality replacement is the best thing to do. If you neglect to change your damaged oil pan, you can experience lack in oil supply. If there's insufficient supply of oil, the total performance of your engine will surely be affected.

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